United Nations


Our extensive network and substantial relationships with the world's top logistic experts enable us to assist the UN with provisioning of resources necessary for third world missions and all other supply needs.
GSM is committed to strategic sourcing, quality control and service excellence.


When it comes to man made or natural catastrophes, relief supplies can quickly become scarce and in high demand. Our mission is to assist the United Nations with a strong sense of urgency and efficiency in securing and delivering all necessary materials and supplies imperative to all aid efforts.

GSM experts assist the United Nations with supplying any and all necessary kitchenware supplies essential for relief aid during a crisis.

When it comes to operational supplies and furniture we will procure top products at a low cost without compromising quality or specifications set by our client.

Global Supply Management is not only an authority in FF&E and OS&E procurement; we are also experts in special projects, which we oversee from their inception to completion.

We strategically source every item necessary by seeking options and low costs from a minimum of 5 national and 5 international sources; this allows us to secure products in accordance to pre-set budgets, without ever compromising quality or design models.

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At GSM, our expert staff is dedicated to transforming your business by adding a customized touch to any project you bring to us. We work closely with you, to find the finest quality fabrics, furniture and other supplies required.

Our primary objective when stepping into this role is to deliver every project ahead of schedule and significantly below your pre-set budget. We strive to exceed our clients needs by completing rigorous due diligence during every aspect of the project's evolution.