Value Engineering

GSM's primary Task and Objective is to deliver projects on time, on schedule, and significantly Below Budget.


With our extensive network of factories in the USA and Overseas, we can replicate any design of furniture or fixture, increase the quality, and achieve significant cost savings over the competition.

Custom Manufacturing

GSM utilizes a global network of renowned manufacturers to produce project specific goods based on ideas from architects, designers and clients. We ensure products meet criteria such as, but not limited to: project requirements, specifications, warranties, local and national codes, product endurance for intended application.

Hospitality Development Turnkey Services

GSM takes projects from conception to completion through design, construction, purchasing and installation.

Our efficient procurement services and team will ensure timely delivery of your furnishings, fixtures, and equipment that will keep your project on schedule.

COVID-19 and PPE SupplIer

We're now supporting businesses by procuring COVID-19 and PPE supplies! You can rely on our years of experience and supply chain to get you the materials in the time of need.